Annoying things #1

The popularity of WordPress indicates it’s great. My inability to grasp how to get it to display the way I want annoys the shit out of me.

Having a background in software development, and many years of experience dealing with some of the worlds largest companies and organisations one would expect a thing or two from me, however when it comes to WinForms I just hate how often I have to “hack” crap together.

Another annoying thing is this entire month. I effin hate it. I also hate winter.

Yes. I am bitter as hell. A few of the reasons for this may be:

a) Weather

b) Everything I buy seems to break down. And I mean everything. (2 x electric kickbikes, earbuds, drawing tablet, multiple drones, etc.. etc…)

c) Finances

d) Youtube advertisment

e) Whining

f) Procrastrinating

g) Disgusting food